Paying for Creative Day Care

Paying for Creative Day CareCreative Day Care is an ‘Approved Provider’ in Hull and North Yorkshire, where we focus on Scarborough and Ryedale. This means we can receive direct payments for services through Hull City Council and North Yorkshire County Council under an Individual Payment, ISF, or Personal Budget arrangement. You may also be required to make a contribution towards your day service provision.

Our pricing is highly-competitive while delivering high client value. Private payments are also accepted and some members add to their attending days by paying privately. You may already have a social worker or care funding package in place. If not, we can advise you on making a referral and guide you through the process.

If you prefer to meet at our offices and separate any meetings from your home or office, we can accommodate that too.

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You’re welcome to become or introduce a member to one of our Centre’s of Excellence - we’ll even fund a place and lead prospective member families and care teams through the direct payment/personal budget funding process until a formal start.

Plus we can advise on the best way to ‘transition in’ – either through our regular transition programme, or one we customize for you. What’s included is access to the depth and breadth of our creative daytime programme at either location, including days out.

Whilst we have a courtesy minibus for excursions, we prioritise members without transport on this bus, understanding members with their own transport typically have travel budgets and staff to mobilize them more easily than others due to their needs. If a member has transport and a PA the likelihood is they would meet us at the destination and continue with our activities there.

To start, reach out to us; we’ll introduce ourselves, you can come down and meet us and the members and see the programmes in action. We’ll take you through the ‘Member Discovery’ process and between us determine a way forward; at all times, keeping you up-to-date with the process. It’s a simple yet structured road…