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What We Do & Why We’re Different

The Creative Days programmes at Creative Day Care Centres of Excellence apply a rich, deep and socially-inclusive set of day time experiences for adults with learning, physical and other disabilities.

We focus on activities that are beyond what a member might otherwise achieve at home or elsewhere with visual, culinary and performing arts, live music, artisanal gardening and environmental awareness, and days out that connect us with natural history.

We’re also a hub of lifelong friendships and education, providing purpose and integration within the communities to which we belong. Not providing services to a fully prescribed formula, we encourage an authentic freedom of expression to mobilise members along their path of development through all of life’s chapters, including informal learning and structured education that teaches and applies life skills through purpose and engagement.

From directors to management and programme leaders, we’re all committed to creating a feel good time during and around day time activities – the spirit of the place counts and it’s evident as members arrive; walking in as though arriving home… into a rare place of warmth and belonging…


We encourage you to explore our website for greater insight, or call us to discover more or arrange a visit.

Thank you.

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Things Creative Day Care Do

The Creative Days programme is available at two centres of excellence for adults with learning and other disabilities:

Scarborough, North Yorkshire at The Street the focus is performing arts - dance, music, singing, recording in workshops and performances - visual arts, team building challenges, and natural history that engages members with the coast and country;

Hull, at The BGCA Charity – a modern community building regarded for thirty years of social initiatives, with visual arts, The Puppet Conservatory Theatre Company, 'Route 66' community band workshops and performances, artisan gardening and baking, nature and natural history, and escapes to the country for sourcing local natural ingredients for the kitchen or adventure lunch.

Our aim is to promote independence and dignity, and open the door for to explore new ideas and pathways, which through creativity can ‘help the mask of a disability slip’, even if just a little. Members can flow freely between projects through the day, without pressure, with new activities added frequently that add to the diversity, breadth and depth of the experience.


Independence and social integration are integral to the day, and there are opportunities for informal education and formal training programmes.

  • Education & Training

    As centres of excellence for adults with learning disabilities that focus on the creative side of things, we acknowledge too our responsibility as a life-long place of learning.

  • Connections that Count

    People with a learning disability often lack a network of people who might provide aid and support at times of difficulty

  • Our Values

    A Values Code fully aligned with community integration, personal growth, and independence development. We believe that through creativity, the mask of disability can slip, even if just a little

  • Our Mission

    A Mission to Support Authentically Adults with Learning Difficulties

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  • Performing Arts

    Members are frequently given small tasks that bring each activity to life and encouraged to volunteer and lead – to choose decisively – promoting transferable skills and active community citizenship

  • Music Workshops

    Working alongside John, learning the use of instruments, singing and recording in the studio, with weekly ‘Route 66’ band rehearsals and public performances where all members are included

  • Theatre & Art Workshops

    The Puppet Conservatory Theatre Company & Art Workshops. Within our Hull branch, our creative and theatre professional and playwright, Hollie, leads multimedia art workshops and puppet making, plus set design and photography.

  • Print Workshop

    In the Norwegian cabin, the hot press printing equipment allows members to design, publish and print their creative designs