Performing Arts

Through dance, choreography, theatre, singing, drama, musical performance stagecraft, puppetry and other expressions members are encouraged to celebrate known and unknown talents and discover hidden interests, while receiving positive praise essential for growth, self-regard, feeling and being productive.

Small groups provide the initial security and personal time required to build early confidence and relatively quickly we find members are fronting credible and moving performances in front of others.

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By drawing on international cultures and different countries, periods in time and a variety of styles, the monthly themed visual arts, set-making and prop design provide full integrity between projects which members are free to move between during the course of the day.

Members are frequently given small tasks that bring each activity to life and encouraged to volunteer and lead – to choose decisively – promoting transferable skills and active community citizenship

Bi-annual audience performances are delivered with polish between venues and include invitations to prospective members, schools, colleges, and others

Workshops are led by our drama, music, theatre and puppetry professionals