Our Values Code

A Mission to Support Authentically Adults with Learning Difficulties

With a mission to reduce the isolation and segregation experienced by people with learning disabilities and their families in North Yorkshire, Hull and the East Riding, we help them live life their way and to experience all the benefits that flow from richer and wider relationships: genuine safety, affection and growth, led through real relationships and through creative expression. We believe that through creativity, the mask of disability can slip, even if just a little.


A Values Code Fully Aligned with Integration & Growth

Many people with a learning disability have lives that stand still. The pattern of their activities and relationships, often not chosen by them, remains narrow and unchanged over decades. A full life with happy, memorable moments and a variety of challenges is our objective, encouraging independence, decision-making, and protecting dignity.

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Connections that Count

People with a learning disability often lack a network of people who might provide aid and support at times of difficulty. The ice under their feet is thin. Relationships – their depth and variety – are what keep us genuinely safe and genuinely independent. We support people to stand on the firm ground provided by relationships built up over a lifetime. Our goal is having real people around who aren’t paid to care, they just do.


Everyone Contributes

People with a learning disability are defined by what they need, rather than by what they can offer. To make change possible we need to believe in each person’s capacity to contribute and offer something that adds value to others around them, both tangible and spiritual. We all have things we can’t do and some things we can. Look beyond the "first glance" and you will see a wealth of abilities and talents behind a real personality. Our goal is to help build two-way relationships where each offers something of value to the other, creatively inspired.