Help, Information & Signposting

Creative Day Care supports members, their families and care teams in navigating community-based services that can improve health and wellbeing: we actively provide direction, referrals, and support to specialist resources, including making sense of the day care landscape, routes to funding, and social services referral steps during the enquiry phase

As a place for informal counsel, understanding the breadth of community resources available and identifying potential avenues to take we openly receive any adult with a learning or other disability, their family or care managers. Working closely with our members and their surrounding support systems we’re able and responsive to engage the regional network, including the NHS, social services, education and training providers

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Whilst we are evolving training programmes that are tailored to the member, you may be considering more formal routes; we can facilitate introductions to education and training partners and their programmes; equally coaching and preparing for work or business is a model our organisation team has extensive experience with

In this sense our focus is not to acquire a new member, rather ensure the best welfare resources are made available to those who need it within the wider community of learning disabilities.  For us this even means signposting to other providers when our sense is a member can fit or grow better elsewhere, or would benefit from a more greatly diversified week

This aspect of our service is warm, welcoming, and free, and whilst we cannot suggest ‘best’ places to go we can point you in the direction of the strongest resources for you, your family member or client to get the information and support you might need or benefit from

All staff are aware of and can signpost to advocacy to support the Care Act clause requiring access to independent advocacy for individuals who are subject to assessment, support planning or review (Care Act 2014, section 67 Independent advocacy support)