Education and Training

As centres of excellence for adults with learning disabilities that focus on the creative side of things, we acknowledge too our responsibility as a life-long place of learning and as such Creative Day Care makes an investment in every service user’s continued education.

Underpinning many program activities is informal knowledge and content, structured into individual learning practice or group workshops that mobilize members through a path of development during their time with us – which could be years, even decades.

Through a programme of accredited courses we engage every member with a person-centred approach to lifelong learning, alongside an assigned coach, each tailored to the individual with a focus on transferrable skills, social engagement, life skills, food and hygiene, health and safety, technology, and other content made relevant to a member’s needs and interests.

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Improving communications through structured use of language, connecting, identifying boundaries while working together, team building exercizes, and passing through challenges with feedback are ways we promote development; many of which coincide organically during activity delivery.

While for some members formal learning or developing a career is unrealistic, for many growth can be measured and defined by achievement and certification in studies and abilities that are useful and count: in food hygiene and first aid, for example.

When members have broad and rich days the value is more inherent: whilst still fun, the body of depth that passes between staff, members, activities and the community, although often intangible, is priceless. And in the midst of it all and by default, we create social inclusion through our daily purpose together.