Adventure Days

Adventure Days are frequent excursions to the coast and country, or nature reserves. Natural history, geology, local history, horticulture, flora, fauna, birds, and wildlife become inclusive to design projects, with artifacts and elements from nature foraged in country and coast, from The Holderness to Ryedale, Spurn Point to Whitby.

Photography, sketching and painting at Stone Creek or at scenes painted by David Hockney mobilize us throughout the region under different weathers and light.

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Local experts and academics often accompany and add accessible educational depths to Expedition Days or Forest Project, applying the recent and ancient story to places while identifying birds, trees, rocks, and other things.

As we begin a new collaborative chapter with The Rotunda Museum in Scarborough, we anticipate these adventures and expeditions to fuse our natural history projects with theirs.

Picnics, walks and hot chocolate under tartan blankets add to the magic…