Transition Programmes: Individuals

Creative Day Care recognizes any life change or transition can be an uncomfortable, anxious time – for any of us. For adults with learning disabilities even more so, where familiarity and stability are essential for sustained inner comfort. Every individual transitioning into a Creative Day Care Creative Days programme receives a customized induction.

We always begin with a Member Discovery questionnaire for each prospective member, alongside a visit; then follow up with a Taster Session or Day, with more as needed over the course of a month.

Whilst we focus on the creative activities that draw a member in most, we also deliver a trial rotation through the options as new members frequently discover fresh activities not before considered.

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If the prospective member feels the fit is right – and we sense they are right for us too – we continue to support you with further taster days and process insight until a formal acceptance by the financial provider (unless private payment is the way forward).

Of course, at times it can be more complex than this: aligning social services, care teams, funding, personal assistants and transport can require time, effort and some degree of management. Change isn’t just within your client and our future member; it’s within families and care providers in different locations and on different scheduled workdays.

We need some ‘bandwidth’ to approach this and all need to accommodate the change with new ways of going about things. Almost always, as members, families, social services and care teams will attest, it is worth it. Being so familiar with the process, we work closely with you to deliver a seamless transition – to advise, guide, support and give confidence to processes that can take just a little time to finalize.

We can also advise on funding and making Social Services referrals.