Introducing Creative Day Care: Scarborough and Ryedale

I would like to introduce you to Creative Day Care, a local centre of excellence for adults with learning and other disabilities based at The Street – a modern landmark near the town centre highly regarded for its social organisations. Along with our partner Hull branch, we focus on creativity through performing arts, craft and artisanship, nature, friendships, independence and social integration.

Our aim is to promote independence and provide our members with the chance to explore new ideas and pathways, which through creativity can ‘help the mask of a disability slip, even if just a little.’ Members can flow freely between projects through the day, without pressure, with new activities added frequently.

As a North Yorkshire County Council ‘Approved Provider,’ we deliver an informal daytime programme geared for adults with mild to severe disabilities – adults that are less suited to structured education environments or traditional ‘care provision’ – to attend alone or with a PA.

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We fully understand that joining a new provider can be daunting and great care needs to be taken to ensure it’s the right route taken, to which end we offer as many taster sessions as needed that will help you decide on the fit.

We’re so pleased with what the Creative Days programme at Creative Day Care has become: the ease in which members walk through the door tells us every morning they are home; the engagement and sharing between one another; the group inclusion; the spirit and energy of the place; we’re pleased to be the alternative place.

Over three years we have grown four times, taking on more space yet retaining our core feel: a new dance and acting studio, a recording studio, a print room, and the ‘aurora borealis room’ for holistic arts. Member services are paid through a personal budget, direct payment or privately, and discounted if a member arrives with support. Hours are 9:30am to 3:30pm

We encourage anyone – member, family, care teams, support staff, social services, and health practitioners – to come and see what we do; meet other members and staff and take part in some of our projects.

For more information contact Ruth Barr, regional manager at 01723 480033 (and ask for Creative Day Care at reception) or email Ruth at Equally, come down and see us at The Street anytime.