Health & Wellbeing

Here at Creative Day Care we’re increasingly aware that adults with learning disabilities have frequently become established in a daily ritual with a narrow set of choices - especially with food and activity: engaged with knowledge, motivation, or consideration for the future that can direct making healthy lifestyle decisions.


Our objective is to establish over time a new profile of understanding toward health and wellness that allows a life to be filled more fully, especially with ageing.


The artisan kitchen has further focussed on Paleo and vegetarian low sugar cooking, with higher antioxidants and increased fibre, and use of healthy oils. Berries and vegetables from the garden are also used in season.


‘Locally-sourced’ Monday afternoon ventures to regional producers for milled flour, farm eggs, and other short shelf-life ingredients; with short walks and a pause for a tea.


‘Adventure Day’ Wednesdays focus on younger and more active members with lunch picnics and hikes by coast, at nature reserves, or in the country with local experts for nature conservancy, archaeology, local and natural history.


The team at Creative Day Care encourage, lift, and support with deep connectedness to members, while gauging with care and counsel physical and mental wellbeing.


We working closely with NHS Community Nurses, their teams and local physicians, and encourage enquiry to discover how we can support and enhance the life of your adult LD patients.