Artisan Bakery

Creating healthy, seasonal lunches and desserts from ‘locally-sourced’ day out or organic ‘homegrown’ gardens is our in-house Food Chain, in Hull making fresh and seasonal quiches, Panini’s, soups and artisan cakes, pies and crumbles,

Artisan cottage kitchen crafts include bread and fudge making. Through training, certifying and operating the principles of food hygiene with effective kitchen management we encourage members to utilize this knowledge and behavior at home too.

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Inter-Departmental Care & Information Sharing

Whether baking or engaged in other activities, with 100 members between Hull and Scarborough branches, and countless other day and artistic performance guests, through relevant, and confidential growth and change monitoring, we’re a mine of client information and an important client best-interest advocate and provider of industry insight to care teams and social services.

Working closely with those charged with member home and social care, sharing both the clear and complex identifiers of character, development or causes for concern is a core part of our function: with close member oversight, often for seven hours a day, we bring welfare-critical knowledge.

Naturally, we can provide case studies too for prospective new members and those tasked with their care worlds.