Route 66 sits directly at the intersection between day care and community, as participants from both work together during rehearsals, recording, and Friday lunchtime public performances at the Hull venue, plus frequent festival and café events.

Route 66 provides – as the name suggests – a journey with a destination: evolving confidence and ability over weeks, months and years. Beyond this, the music is the members’ own and the live sessions create and gift great spirit while delivering a purpose.

Auditory and visual learning, reading, writing, making and playing percussion instruments, alongside speech and voice coaching make up this multifaceted project.

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The recording studio and facility radio station fold in technical training and encourage discernment and ways of Self and collective improvement along each members’ path of development.

The Route 66 band and project is now in its 11th year with six albums, four singles, and 252 individual tracks (so far) – some still available on iTunes. A new ‘special edition’ cd has just been released of Route 66 tracks over the years.

The band typically have 12 members at any time, made up from Creative Days members and folk in the community, all led by songwriter John.