Transition Programmes: Schools and Education

Making a change of provision in line with the education system calendar places many potential members in an enforced life change. It’s well-known adults – especially with learning disabilities – value routine and the sense of knowing what’s ahead. With this in mind, we have two proposed methods of delivering Taster Days or Sessions alongside school colleagues.

The first is a four-visit programme that rotates a potential member through the various daytime activity options. It’s an opportunity to connect and begin building friendships with our existing members while retaining the security of their existing network, teachers or educators, and assistants.

The ‘day away’ is often met with anticipated excitement and the learning curve of the day almost always one of real positive impact. Any nervousness of the unknown fades away into a feeling of real achievement. Each visit becomes a little easier, more natural.

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The second model is a program customized to the school or education provider’s schedule and students’ needs: We can place extra focus on key students or facilitate Taster Days or Visits with a students family or care team, whether once or on numerous occasions during the two years prior to potential membership.

In both cases, prospective members rotate through activities to identify where they might fit best at the start while discovering new activities and abilities that may not have been considered before. Where possible with many of our day activities, we underpin creativity with knowledge and education, informal learning and formal certifications.

We have a deep and deepening history of working alongside schools, post-school provision, colleges, and other education providers and can work alongside you to determine a best road forward.