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Social Services leaders and social workers, and those in the care world, are encouraged to make introduction or request a visit from a member of our team and welfare office to discover why we’re different and fit more distinctly the needs of adults who require extra support and activity in their days:  Equally you may visit us anytime.

There is no waiting list so your clients and those for whom you care can begin tomorrow – we’ll even support attendance while funding is arranged. 

There is a competitive flat full-day or half-day fee for all members under a direct payment or personal budget provision that becomes payable by Social Services – we make available several scholarships for application by those who otherwise couldn’t attend as they would like to.  Private attendees too.

Your clients are also welcomed for as many days or weeks as they and you may like to see if this is the right place and fit.  Typically our members may not suit other services as well as they can do here: a full-support care facility doesn’t engage minds or souls so well, whilst the other alternatives may be overly-structured or absolutely training-focused.  We’re a suited middle-ground between.  In some areas there may be little in the way of day facilities and we fill that gap too.

We’re also an ideal destination for PA’s (personal assistants and other one-on-one-dedicated support) with their clients - often having a meaningful daily event is what is needed for both; we can restructure charging for this arrangement as the PA works more closely with their client/our member.

We understand the time restraints and keeping up-to-speed with regulatory environments can be pressing for social workers; to confirm, we are in a social care category outside of CQC oversight, so are not CQC registered (we would if we could believing ourselves to meet and exceed these standards) - it is not possible to register for CQC for this category of care.  Instead we are monitored by the intensive Quality Assurance Framework provided at the council level.  We also employ a dedicated Quality Assurance Officer.  Prospective members that may fit our provision require extra care can attend with a PA direct or from a CQC registered agency including those we have close working relationships with and can arrange for you.

Contact us and we’ll be delighted to share with you the story of Creative Day Care and talk with you about several case studies and the changes we’ve led in individuals.


TEL c/o the BGCA Charity, Kingston upon Hull: 01482 781863

Or Creative Day Care at The Street, Scarborough, North Yorkshire 01723 480033

Email: Care@ creativedaycare.co.uk   

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